Flu Shot

Do you have a plan for your flu shot yet? Corvallis Family Medicine seasonally carries several types of vaccine depending on your age and health. Vaccines may become available as early as Mid-August.

Overheating Woman

As the weather grows hotter, heat illnesses like heat exhaustion and heat stroke are a serious concern. Learn about signs and symptoms and how to prevent heat illnesses.

Sunscreen baby Corvallis Family Medicine

The sun is out and so are we! Make sure to take proper steps to protect yourself from sun damage, and learn how to care for your skin when it gets sunburned.

Fourth of July Fireworks

Learn about fireworks safety in preparation for our nation’s birthday. Have fun at the Corvallis Red White and Blue Festival, enjoy Albany’s fireworks show after River Rhythms on Thursday, and watch the parade and fireworks here in Corvallis.

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