Dr. Gamelin gets a flu shot

You may have heard of our sadly limited amount of flu shot doses on hand recently. There have been delays with flu vaccine shipments due to a shift in flu strains earlier this year. The World Health Organization (WHO) delayed selecting which strains should be included in this year’s flu shot until it became more clear which would be the most prominent. As a result, manufacturers were not able to start production until later than normal.

This delay has affected high-dose flu vaccine the most, which is currently either running very low or not available at most local clinics and pharmacies. According to news sources, there will not be any shortages of flu vaccines, only delays, so more doses of all vaccine types should hopefully become available in the near future.

The table below is up to date as of this writing (October 24th, 2019). If you are unsure which vaccine would be appropriate or want to verify CFM availability on hand, call our office at 541-757-2400 for current information.


Description CFM Local Pharmacies

Fluzone Quadrivalent

3 years or older, standard dose Limited quantities; additional shipments uncertain

Available at some locations

Fluzone High-dose

65 years and older; 4x stronger than the standard dose to assist aging immune systems Limited quantities; additional shipments uncertain

Limited quantities or out of stock

Flulaval Quadrivalent

6 months and older; CFM stock only for Vaccines for Children Limited quantities

Available at some locations

Flublok Quadrivalent 18 years and older; 3x stronger than the standard dose Not carried by CFM

Available at some locations


We at CFM hope you and your loved ones stay healthy this flu season.

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