Newspaper clipping showing clinic opening

Written by Alice Rampton

In 1988, Dr. Mark Rampton and Dr. Norm Castillo, two independent Family Practice physicians in Corvallis, joined forces to create Corvallis Family Medicine (CFM). Their newly combined practice was officially opened for business in 1989 to patients and located in a newly constructed office at 2400 NW Kings Boulevard. Happy 30th Birthday to CFM!

Corvallis Family Medicine offices under construction in 1988

These two physicians, along with their wives Alice Rampton and Leslie Castillo, met weekly for over a year to plan the design of the new building. Together they visited other primary care offices in the Willamette Valley to determine the facility floor plan, décor, and patient flow. The new office was state of the art, with seating for 40 patients in the spacious waiting room, an on-site laboratory and x-ray facility, a stress-test treadmill room, a chart room, office spaces for staff and physicians, a laundry room, restrooms, 11-12 exam rooms, and an upstairs for a staff lounge complete with a kitchenette and shower. An exam room for children was decorated with a small electric train moving on a track near the ceiling and wallpaper with a locomotive theme.

Floor plan and wallpaper key for Corvallis Family Medicine’s new building in 1988.

At the time, this area of Corvallis was almost completely undeveloped for businesses. There was a large field across the street at the northwest corner of Walnut and Kings. None of the professional dental offices, banks, or office buildings had been developed. Directly to the east was another large empty piece of property where Timberhill Shopping Center and WinCo now reside. Despite this, they felt the location would be close to patients and their families and on the bus route with many traffic arteries for those farther away.

Corvallis Family Medicine, Fall, 1988 looking south from Walnut and Kings Blvd.

They were able to purchase approximately an acre of land on Kings Boulevard from Jack Brandis for $119,000. As Castillo and Rampton were both young doctors at the time, they had not built up large equity in their homes or businesses. To secure a loan from a bank they used their two homes as collateral. This was risky, as they were also young fathers with 10 children between them, but they felt secure that the practice would grow.

1988 Ground breaking ceremony for Corvallis Family Medicine
(Sara, Marcus, Meta, Anna, Bobby, Dr. Mark, and Alice Rampton)

Indeed, the practice grew over the years and now includes five physicians and a physician’s assistant. Providers have come and gone over the years and the building’s original design has been adapted. Initially they discovered that the chart room was designed too small, so a new waiting room was added and the old waiting room became office and chart space. However, the goal of serving families and individuals has continued throughout the years with this mission statement:

Corvallis Family Medicine (CFM) is a family medical clinic organized for the purpose of delivering comprehensive health care to the individuals, families, the community of Corvallis, Oregon and the surrounding areas. CFM serves the entire population of this area without regard for age, sex, race or social status. Patient care will be appropriate, affordable, accessible, timely, considerate and high quality for all of CFM patients. The providers of CFM and the staff share these goals.

Dr. Mark Rampton was quoted in the Corvallis Gazette Times’ article in 1988, featuring the new office building, as saying that he wanted patients to see the practice as small enough so they don’t feel they’re on an assembly line, yet large enough so they don’t feel abandoned if one physician is on vacation. Rampton added, “We have a commitment to the community. We are close enough so that we can be at the hospital in five minutes for a delivery, yet we are still based in the community. Our goal is to make people feel that they can come in here and get all their medical needs met without being sent from physician to physician.”

Thirty years have passed since that opening of Corvallis Family Medicine. Thousands and thousands of patients have been cared for by staff and health care providers. The practice has succeeded because those patients have always been at the core of service and concern to their providers. That goal will continue as we wish Corvallis Family Medicine a very happy 30th Birthday and send our appreciation to all the patients at CFM who have made this possible.

Corvallis Family Medicine 1988, parking lot being prepared

18-month-old Bobby Rampton celebrating the ground breaking ceremony for Corvallis Family Medicine in 1988

Corvallis Family Medicine under construction in 1988.

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