Mission Statement: Corvallis Family Medicine (CFM) is a family medical clinic organized for the purpose of delivering comprehensive health care to the individuals, families, the community of Corvallis, Oregon and the surrounding areas. CFM serves the entire population of this area without regard for age, sex, race or social status. Patient care will be appropriate, affordable, accessible, timely, considerate and high quality for all of CFM patients. The providers of CFM and the staff share these goals.

Welcome to Corvallis Family Medicine

Family Practice became a recognized specialty in 1971. This was actually not a new field of medicine, but rather a return of the pendulum. A century ago virtually all physicians were in general practice, but around the end of World War II there was a proliferation of medical knowledge and an emergence of new specialists who devoted their training and practice to narrower areas of medicine. With this growth of specialists the numbers of general practitioners declined.

The impetus for developing better generalists came from two sources. Firstly, the public became more vocal about the shortage of physicians who would care for the whole person and family. Secondly, in the 1960s several widely publicized studies by the government all arrived at similar conclusions: increasing specialization had led to increasing costs as well as fragmentation and imbalances in the delivery of health care. Recommendations were called for a new kind of specialist in family medicine, educated to provide better quality care to a broader population.

The American Academy of Family Physicians was formed in 1971. Its charter defines Family Practice as “comprehensive medical care with particular emphasis on the family unit in which the physician’s continuing responsibility for health care is limited neither by the patient’s age or sex, nor by a particular organ system or disease.”

As your family physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners we will usually be able to provide you with complete health care here at Corvallis Family Medicine. However, when the need arises for specialized services we will make the appropriate referrals. Our services include, but are not limited to…
• Pediatrics and newborn care
• Adolescent care
• General adult care, including preventative physical exams (PAPs, breast exams, etc.)
• Office orthopedics and sports medicine
• Office surgeries
• Office laboratory testing and x-rays


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  • "A very good and capable caregiver! This doctor (Dr. David) is a friend who helps with my health." - D. L.

  • "CFM gives excellent care and service to myself and my family. Mayveen and Dana (front reception) are beyond excellent" – G. S.

  • “Dr. Gamelin is a wonderful and caring Doctor. It is nice to see that she really cares. It is also nice she dots her I’s and crosses her T’s. If Dr. Gamelin does not know the answer to the question, she seeks it out” – C. J.

  • “When I became Angie Bean's patient I was dealing with a severe chronic Condition "Migraines" besides my other health problems. That was the beginning of a hopeful future for me knowing that I am in knowledgeable and experienced hands! I always feel that she  cares and listens to my health concerns/problems and we work together to find the best treatment to resolve these. Excellent bedside manners. I trust her with one of my most precious and priceless possessions; My Good Health.” – L. B.