Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. Michael Pollen is a journalist and author of many food related books. Probably most known for “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “In Defense of Food”, Mr. Pollen takes a hard look at food and diet, especially in the American culture. He really has summed it up so simply. His…

With all the breaches and hacking incidents in the news lately, we wanted to bring a medical-related security concern to your attention: prescription fraud. Prescription fraud is obtaining or prescribing medication under false pretenses. There are several ways to commit prescription fraud, both as a patient or physician, but today we want to talk about…

Survey Information: Corvallis Family Medicine is participating in a program called Comprehensive Primary Care Plus, a federal program designed by the government agency that runs Medicare (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). CPC+ supports your doctor to deliver high quality care that meets your needs. As part of this program, you may receive a survey…

Each year CFM providers and staff strive to better our communities through local charities, non-profits or fundraisers. This year we are opening up the opportunity for our patients to participate with us through the holiday season by being donation points for two local charities. Both charities serve our communities well, with each donation making its…

Happy Halloween from everyone at CFM! Have a fun and safe holiday. From left: Bonnie, Paige, Dr. Leesman, Shannon, Amy, Kim, Dana and Amanda

Meet CFM’s own (provider 1) and (provider 2) will be on hand for any medic issues which may arise during the Corvallis Fall Festival runs. Check out great local artists and enjoy good food and live music. See you there!

CFM eclipse 2017

On August 21st, 2017 the nation will stop to look at the sky, when the first total solar eclipse to cross the united states in almost 100 years turns the world dark. CFM patients are lucky enough to reside in the path of totality, an area where the sun will be completely blocked by the moon. To celebrate this rare event and ensure patient and staff safety, CFM will be closed on Monday, August 21st. Have fun and be safe!

An allergy is a reaction caused when the immune system mistakenly thinks a normally harmless substance is damaging to the body. Allergens can be breathed or swallowed, or they can enter through the skin. Allergies can affect anyone. Find out more about allergies and how to treat them in this post.

CFM’s own Aaron David, DO took a trip to Lugazi, Uganda with Lebanon dentist John Shader, DMD and 13 other health providers and volunteers. They provided free healthcare and dentistry to the children at Faith Home orphanage and two villages. In four days the team served over 600 patients!
About half the children at Faith Home are still lacking sponsors. You can find more information about the orphanage and send one-time donations or sign up to sponsor a child on

PeaceHealth, the company which has run labs drawn at CFM, will be handing services over to Quest Diagnostics on May 1st. We will continue to offer all the laboratory services you are used to, now with the nation’s leading provider of diagnostic testing.

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