Girls on the Run is an international program empowering young girls to be joyful, healthy and confident with a curriculum that integrates running. Watch a video of local girls sharing their experiences and find out how CFM’s Dr. Gamelin has been involved with the program over the years.

Corvallis Family Medicine is a Gold Sponsor for the Girls on the Run community 5K run. The event will be held on June 4th, 2016 at Reser Stadium in Corvallis, starting at 10:00am. Register by May 16th to be guaranteed a t-shirt. Registration costs $20 for youth, $30 for students and $35 for adults. Race…

Corvallis Healthy Living Expo 2016

CFM will have a booth at the upcoming Corvallis Healthy Living Expo. Join us and learn about other great health-related products and services in our area.

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As the weather grows hotter, heat illnesses like heat exhaustion and heat stroke are a serious concern. Learn about signs and symptoms and how to prevent heat illnesses.

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This year’s Albany Relay For Life will be held at Timber Ridge School on Saturday, June 20th and Sunday, June 21st. Come join us and have some fun for a great cause!

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People who eat better and exercise are much more likely to live longer and live more quality years due to prevention of chronic illnesses. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes, COPD, and countless more are largely PREVENTABLE.

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Simple common sense steps to reduce and avoid common sports injuries from Dr. Leesman at CFM (Corvallis Family Medicine). Learn what steps to take to be safe.

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Girls on the Run is an empowerment program for girls in 3rd to 8th grade, giving them skills and experiences to navigate their world confidently and to unleash their limitless potential!

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“Going for a run is like taking a little bit of Prozac and a little bit of Ritalin because, like the drugs, exercise elevates these neurotransmitters” says Dr. Ratey in his new book.

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