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We share in your excitement seeing the rollout of several highly effective and safe vaccines to our community, although it has not been without frustrations and challenges. We at CFM have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to address needs of our patients throughout this pandemic. Excitement flowed when we received approval from the Oregon Health Authority to be a vaccine administration site. However, as we know things can change rapidly and force us to pivot once again.

Currently, the OHA is focusing on large scale vaccine clinics rather than clinics like ours. We are advocating on the county and state level to have more ability to vaccinate our own patients that otherwise may get left out of the process.

Please refer to the OHA website to follow the progress, plan, and to see where you fit in based upon your age and risk.

Samaritan Health Services is partnering with Linn and Benton County Heath Departments in creating these large scale vaccination clinics. Currently, they are only vaccinating phase 1a individuals, so if you qualify you can sign up for a date on their website. This includes health care workers, first responders, residents and staff of group homes and care facilities, patients and families who receive in-home care, among others.

Due to less vaccine being allocated to our clinic, we currently expect that we will be NOT able to vaccinate the majority of our patients through our office so we encourage everyone to get acquainted with these websites, track the progress and be on alert for your turn.

We also will NOT be contacting most patients individually; we simply do not have the resources to do this. However, all of the clinicians have done their best and reviewed their panel and identified those people who are the highest priority, and we will try to contact those individuals and coordinate their vaccination.

Wishing everyone well,

Corvallis Family Medicine

EDIT: updated Benton County link 2/3/2021

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