Dr. David in Uganda

In 2010, thirteen individuals from the Willamette Valley, including two dentists, a general surgeon, myself and several support staff traveled to Uganda to spend a week providing medical missions and outreach care to the city of Lugazi, Uganda.

This trip was spawned by the relations developed with pastor and orphanage director Hudson Subi who has many ties the Northwest US and particularly the Corvallis/Albany/Lebanon area which serves as home to many people who support his orphanage and ministry. I worked closely with Dr. John Shader, DMD of Lebanon to lead the team. He facilitated the dental, and I facilitated the medical. We spent 8 days working in the community offering free medical care which including anything from triaging malaria, to treating complications of HIV or more serious infections. The dental team performed over 100 dental extractions. We basically worked out of a building built out of tree branch trusses and were fortunate to have a concrete floor but no electricity. Dr. Howard Johnson, MD (retired general surgeon) of Lebanon and myself both performed several surgeries under local anesthesia which would normally occur in outpatient surgery centers here in the US. The pictures above includes several children who were part of the orphanage and enjoyed visiting with all of the medical mission team that morning after each of us had a chance to guest speak at their local church service.

The unique part of the orphanage named “God’s House of Miracles” is that children there are sponsored by an outside family for ongoing support. Once they have a sponsor they have the opportunity to stay there up to 18 years of age. While they are part of the orphanage they are educated beyond the level that the traditional school system offers. The “average” child often obtains education up to equivalent of 7th or 8th grade level. Consequently these children have a much greater chance of going on to college and leading successful lives.

I hope to go back and would love to have an opportunity to help establish a primary medical/ dental clinic which would serve the community for years to come.

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