Well check-ups or family care. We want our patients to know that we offer care for every member of the family from newborn (at the hospital once the baby is born) to infants to adolescents to adult and to the elderly. We offer sport, scout and camp physicals. Vaccinations can be administered during our physical exam assessments. CFM provides the mandated schedule of well child check ups where the baby is seen every few months up until 2 years of age.

After 2 years of age we encourage and recommend an annual check up to update medical history, check height and weight and vaccinate if needed. Into adolescence it is still recommended to do a checkup every 1 – 2 years. We can take care of sport physicals at this appointment as well as address other issues that impact our adolescent patients.

For adults, depending on insurance, a checkup every 2 – 5 years may be recommended. For the elderly population we do recommend an annual visit to update medications, history and perform laboratory studies if needed. We do have our own lab on site to draw blood for our patient’s convenience.

Areas of Expertise

Kids, babies, adults, sports and camp physicals, general well being check ups for everyone