Welcome CFM languages

Corvallis Family Medicine welcomes people of all nationalities and ethnicities to our clinic.

We currently have forms prepared in English and Spanish. We also offer interpretation services through Professional Interpreters Inc. for Spanish, Russian, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Cambodian, Mixteco, Punjabi, Somali and Vietnamese. Other languages are available upon request.

Interpreters come to the clinic to assist in filling out forms, communicating with staff, and translating medical information from the doctor. They can assist over the phone to schedule appointments or converse with our staff.

Interpreters are held to the same high standard of confidentiality as any staff at CFM. They comply with HIPAA guidelines and will never disclose your personal or medical information outside of their duties as an interpreter.

You will never be charged for the interpretation service. It is covered by some insurances and non-covered services are paid by Corvallis Family Medicine.

If you have any questions about interpretation services offered at Corvallis Family Medicine, call us at 541-757-2400.