Measles has made a resurgence throughout the US, and most notably closer to home here in Oregon. While we have had concern about exposure in the Linn, Benton, Lincoln County Areas, there have not been confirmed cases thus far.

Oregon Health Authority has confirmed the following cases:

Clackamas County: 1 case

Columbia: 1 case

Marion: 2 cases

Multnomah: 4 cases

Please see our previous blog post for details about symptoms, statistics, and particular information about measles in children.

A short recap:

Measles is a highly contagious airborne disease often starting with a runny nose, cough, sore throat and red eyes. Fever and a blotchy rash often occur a few days later, with rare cases of brain infection (encephalitis) or even death in young children and adults. Children under one year of age or people who have not received the MMR vaccine are at highest risk of infection. Unvaccinated individuals who have come in close contact with someone confirmed to have measles should immediately speak with their primary care provider or local public health department about what to do next.

Oregon Health Authority considers people immune to measles if they have any of the following:

  1. Born before 1957
  2. A confirmed case of measles, with written documentation and positive lab tests
  3. Lab results showing immunity
  4. Measles vaccines given as follows:

Preschool children: 1

Grades K through 12: 2

Post High-School-Education students: 2

Women of childbearing age: 1

Healthcare personnel: 2

International travelers under 12 months old: 2

Other adults: 1

People born after 1957 who only recall receiving one dose of MMR or are unsure of their vaccination status can receive a booster shot on the recommendation of their doctor. Keep in mind, blindly giving a booster shot without doing a lab test to check for levels of immunity (titers) can be done, but 5% of people who get the booster can experience a measles-like rash.

If you have any additional questions about measles, feel free call CFM for advice from your provider. Further information about measles can be found at the following pages:

Center for Disease Control

Oregon Health Authority

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