The CFM Physicians and Physician Assistant are very proud of the fact that we offer various types of medical procedures in our office. We can do newborn circumcision and tongue clipping for tongue tied newborns. We are very interested in evaluation of the skin, and will perform biopsies and surgical removal of moles or lesions if necessary. For males, our physicians perform vasectomies, and for woman we can perform IUD (including Paragard, Mirena and Skyla) and Nexplanon insertions. We are able to perform endometrial biopsies if required for perimenopausal or menopausal woman.

We can do urgent care repairs of lacerations and our physicians have been known on occasion to meet a patient after hours at the clinic to take care of an urgent issue. Our patients are encouraged to call after hours to speak to the doctor or physician assistant on call and get instructions as to whether to go to an urgent care, emergency room or CFM. Our doctors can also perform EKG’s, preoperative assessments, spirometry (lung function and capacity evaluations). We do cardiac testing, including treadmill stress tests and lab evaluations for cholesterol management.

Areas of expertise

Infant circumcision, vasectomy, cast and splint applications, IUD insertion, lumps and bumps, biopsies of skin lesions, repair of lacerations, hearing assessment, spirometry: lung capacity (asthma)