Corvallis Medical Services

As your family physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners we will usually be able to provide you with complete health care here at Corvallis Family Medicine.

Family Health Care

We care for every member of your family from newborns to seniors with comprehensive health care that is age appropriate. CFM provides the required schedule of Well Child Checks from...

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Urgent Care

Some conditions just can’t wait and that is why CFM has “same day” appointments every day. While we will always try to schedule you in to see your own CFM...

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Women’s Health

The doctors at CFM and specifically Brianne Smith DO, Melissa Calhoun, DO Angie Bean, PA-C , Hayley Steele Schlauderaff FNP, and Kelly Clayton FNP are available for the multitude of...

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Medical Procedures

The CFM Physicians and Physician Assistant, and Nurse Practitioners proudly offer various types of medical procedures in our office. Newborn circumcision and tongue clipping for tongue tied newborns can be...

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Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine: The CFM Physicians and staff feel very strongly about our patient’s well being. We believe in preventive medicine is the best way to staying healthy and keeping an...

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Orthopedics & Osteopathic Manipulation

All of our physicians are very interested in sports medicine. From an acute injury with sprains and strains to an acute fracture we are able to evaluate, diagnose and start...

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Chronic Disease Management

The doctors and staff at CFM provide care for a multitude of chronic diseases and help with the management of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, lung diseases including...

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As your family physicians, physician and nurse practitioners we will be able to provide you with complete health care.