Family Health Care

We want our patients to know that we offer care for every member of the family from newborn (at the hospital once the baby is born) to infants to adolescents to adult and to the elderly. We offer sport, scout and camp physicals.

Vaccinations can be administered during our physical exam assessments. CFM provides the mandated schedule of well child check ups where the baby is seen every few months up until 2 years of age.

Urgent Care

Corvallis Family Medicine is open every day from Monday through Saturday. We offer same day appointments for our patients with urgent issues.

This may include conditions such as bladder infections, lacerations, injuries (sprains or strains and fractures), concussions, coughs, colds, or possible infections.

Women's Health

The doctors at CFM and specifically Lara Gamelin, MD and Angie Bean, PA-C are available for the multitude of women’s care that may be requested. We perform well women’s exams including pap smears, pelvic exams and breast exams.

We help with contraception and the procedures associated, including IUD insertion, Nexplanon insertion and oral contraceptive pills.

Medical Procedures

The Physicians and Physician Assistant are very proud of the fact that we offer various medical procedures in our office. We do newborn circumcision and tongue clipping for tongue tied newborns.

We are very interested in evaluation of the skin, and will perform biopsies and surgical removal of moles or lesions if necessary.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

CFM is proud to offer this highly effective, rapid, safe, and transformative therapy to help those suffering from treatment resistant depression, PTSD, bipolar depression, suicidality, OCD, addiction, psychological reactions to physical illness, pain, and end of life anxiety.

Preventive Medicine

The CFM Physicians and staff feel very strongly about our patients’ well being. We believe in preventative medicine and staying healthy. We offer vaccinations and well-baby checkups from newborns to adolescents and beyond.

Our physicians provide a service that no other practice in town does: at CFM, we manage our patients from birth on.


All of our physicians are very interested in sports medicine. From an acute injury with sprains and strains to an acute fracture we evaluate, diagnose and start treatment immediately after injury if needed.

Because of our x-ray abilities at the office we can get results immediately and deal with results. If casting or splinting is required, we have the capability to manage that as well.

Chronic Disease Management

The doctors and staff at CFM provide care for a multitude of chronic diseases and help with the management of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, lung diseases including asthma and emphysema (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).