Corvallis Family Medicine is proud to announce the ability to pay your bill online! You may make payments on your desktop or mobile browser at your convenience. A link is located on the Patient Center page. Your CFM account number, listed on your statement, is required in the Patient ID field on the site. We accept Visa, MasterCard and bank drafts.

Our new method of payment allows you to store card or bank information if you so choose, making future payments a breeze. Your information is retained on a cloud site which meets all the federal security requirements for credit card storage.

If you are having a procedure done, you can preapprove a payment up to a specified amount. The charge will be held until the claim has been processed by your insurance. Once we know exactly how much is left for you to pay, the charge for that amount will be put through. This fulfills our requirement for payment at the time of the procedure.

You may qualify for a monthly payment plan if your balance exceeds $500. CFM offers plans which can be paid monthly, every two weeks, or weekly for up to three months. You will receive both a printed and email copy of the information at the time of setup. Your payment information is saved, and scheduled payments are processed at the interval you choose. You will receive an email notice three days before each payment to allow you time to make changes if necessary.

We are glad to announce this new method of payment to make paying your bill easier. Thank you for choosing Corvallis Family Medicine for your medical needs.

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