In February, 2017 I (Aaron David, DO) partnered with John Shader, DMD of Lebanon, along with a team of 13 other health providers and volunteers. We led a delegation of medical and dental personnel to provide free health care in Lugazi, Uganda. This year’s team was spawned from a nucleus of individuals who attended the initial mission trip in 2010 when Dr. Shader and I forged a partnership with Pastor Hudson Suubi of Lugazi.

The trip was multi-faceted in nature and included serving the dental and healthcare needs of the children at Faith Home orphanage while also exploring opportunities to lay the groundwork for future long-term healthcare needs for the children. Additionally, we set up a clinic in two villages and provided “boots on the ground” care to all individuals in need. Four clinic days served over 600 patients medically!

The dental team dealt largely with instructing basic dental hygiene and addressing caries (cavities) that had progressed to the point of needing extractions.

The medical team triaged a breadth of pathology, largely dealing with malaria, untreated stomach/GI conditions, skin infections, orthopedic deformities (congenital and acquired), respiratory illness and some tropical diseases. We performed minor surgeries as well.

More information about the orphanage we served is available at Many patients have inquired about the trip and expressed an interest in supporting this endeavor financially. One-time donations can be made to support the children. Money can be designated to help provide clothing, food or school fees. About half of the children are still lacking monthly sponsors.

Please contact me at CFM if you have interest in partnering with financial support or have specific questions about our trip.

Thanks for your support!

Aaron David, DO

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